Sunday, June 21, 2009

Timo Elliott's demonstration dashboard

Neat little demo put together by Timo Elliott (@timoelliott) from Business Objects using their Xcelcius product as a - think I'm inventing words here - mashupable object. He plonked the dashboard he made, on his blog with a number of controls that allow you - YouTube style - to share via email, twitter or cut and past as an object in html. This kind of functionality will get even easier when HTML 5 gains traction, but as Timo shows its do-able right now. Doesn't matter that it's a dashboard, the idea could work with any report or report part. I really like the ability to click to expand to full-screen view - just link clicking on a web page section in iPhone's Safari, a visual drill-down (or up).

So with a click on Timo's blog and a paste, here is Timo's demo Dashboard (his blog has some context that's fun to read too). To start with our blogger hosted blog isn't coping with the width of the element so well, but Timo kindly set a new code block that does fit - Thanks Timo.

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