Thursday, December 16, 2010

Time flies

Just a quick update. Been a hard couple of semesters for us all keeping us busy, making it hard to get our research done, and even harder to get time to blog. However, we have had a bit of a reboot as a group and are now all busy pursuing our research agendas over the Australian summer break and hope to get a bit of time to blog in the next few weeks and months, and hopefully do a better job of blogging more regularly when teaching starts again at the end of the first quarter next year. There have been some significant organisational changes for us, we wound up our Centre and reconstituted our "Lab". Our hope is this will make us more agile - like we once were - one concrete change in the short term has been the establishment of our lab web site at Nice place holder site there at the moment but that site will grow. It will also be the base we use for web applications and experiments so stay tuned for posts featuring calls for participation that involve using applications hosted at that URL. It will also be the URL to visit to get copies of reports and working papers.