Friday, August 31, 2007

Free Advertising

I'm not usually in the habit of giving free kicks to commercial ventures, but this is worth plugging. Long time associate of the Monash BI group, Martin Kratky runs BI consultancy Intalign. In great news for the BI industry here in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, they are bringing out Stephen Few to run some executive workshops in October.

As you may know, Stephen is an academic at UC Berkeley specialising in data visualisation, with several excellent texts dealing with data presentation and the use (and misuse!) of the now ubiquitous dashboard. Stephen also runs consultancy Perceptual Edge, and has a well-read blog at Visual Business Intelligence. He is passionate, doesn't pull his punches and has a message that all BI consultants and developers should hear.


Anonymous said...

You finally updated this interesting blog...

Rob Meredith said...

It's been a bugger of a year - finding time to read and research, let alone write has been next to impossible. I do intend to keep posting though (and give my co-bloggers a bit of a kick to do so too!).



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